Okuzono Japanese Dining is committed to continue providing high quality Japanese dishes amidst these uncertain times. We remain open for Delivery and Take Away from 11AM to 6PM daily while actively taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Now you can enjoy Okuzono at the comfort of your home!

We are committed to giving our customers the best experience at our establishment. Check out our Events page to see our latest offering, special events and monthly promotions. 


Okuzono Japanese Dining is an authentic Izakaya concept which features full open kitchen, Zen Garden, Tatami area and unique Mezzanine seatings.


Okuzono's original menu showcases innovation while staying true to its traditional roots. Classic Japanese dishes are infused with special tea blends to create a new flavour palate that is uniquely Okuzono. 

Experience authentic Izakaya dining

"Stepping into Okuzono is like entering a scene from the Memoirs of a Geisha movie. There is an open-air Japanese zen garden complete with neat arrangements of rocks, bamboo trees and toro lanterns..."

Prestige Magazine Indonesia

Jl. Suryo No. 1

Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 



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