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Authentic Izakaya Experience

Okuzono Japanese Dining is an authentic Japanese Izakaya concept located in  Jakarta's CBD. "Okuzono" is based on kanji characters 奥 which means far offshore or inner and 園 which means garden. This name was selected with a vision to provide an inner sanctuary where you can feel transported away to a serene paradise while achieving balance and health through our food. 


Our vision is translated throughout our design which feature wooden mezzanine seating area, full open kitchen, Zen Garden, Tatami area and a kimono enveloped VIP room.


Okuzono's original menu showcases innovation while staying true to its traditional roots. Classic Japanese dishes are elevated with infusion of special Japanese Tea blends to create a new flavour palate.


Private Dining

Okuzono Japanese Dining boasts 9 (nine) different dining areas, amongst which are our Zen Garden Rooms and Kimono Room. Both areas are perfect for a more private dining experience whether it's for entertaining guests or intimate family gathering.


The Zen Garden Rooms consisted of four interconnected rooms that are beautifully decorated with handmade tatami flooring and calligraphy walls. Two small rooms with 8 (eight) guests occupancy, Medium room with 10 (ten) guest occupancy, and a Large room with 14 (fourteen) guests occupancy, allows a combined maximum occupancy of 30 (thirty) guests in this area. Each rooms overlook the serene view of our Zen Garden, away from the hustle and bustle of the main dining area. 

Modern inspired Kimono Room is a luxurious private dining area that accomodates up to 14 (fourteen) guests. This room overlooks the breathtaking view of our entire restaurant while staying tucked in elevated mezzanine area of its own. Kimono Room is perfect for meetings or events and is equipped with monitor for your presentation.

From the Press


"You can really feel the warm and relaxing ambiance of authentic Japanese Restaurant with a little modern touch. Definitely the perfect place to celebrate special occasions or impress your client. You should give it a try!"


The Peak Magazine

“Okuzono offers an exceptional journey of Japanese cuisine by combining the traditional style izakaya with a modern twist. It is the ideal place to unwind and relax while enjoying delectable culinary.”


The Honeycombers

“Searching for an authentic Japanese restaurant? Get excited because you’ll find it at Okuzono Japanese Dining! Recently opened in Senopati, Okuzono will transport you to Japan as soon as you step into the room”

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